Shadow Company

Teeth of Marguul Pass

Shade stands before his captain and his crew, the remainder of the Shadow Company in the back ground…

“I shall tell of the taking of the Teeth. Our squad was placed in an irksome position at the foot of one of the towers of the Teeth. Many of the rank-and-file were pinned and our infantry and archers were ineffective against the reinforced structure before us. With a mad dash across no-man’s-land, we made the right flank and Sox was able to blind the right battlement with a well placed arrow cast in darkness. Living up to my name, I made my way forward unseen to the picket line and rigged a grapple and rope to take down the fortifications thereby opening a breach in the initial defenses. A mad dash to the trench saw four of our number fall to missile fire, balls of flame, and other engines of war. Our warlock fell as well only to revived with one of Undertaker’s cruel concoctions.

Still unseen, I jumped the hillock leading to the ramp up and slew two crossbowmen. The party scrambled up the side and we were off to take the main tower. Entering the defensive trenches, we were able to make our way taking two guards unawares. In the trenches, our squad met resistance at the bunker complex doorways and were stung by fire and steel. Our dear Dragon and her companion saved the day by leaping the walls and taking the fight to our enemy. Through manipulation of the very earth, she was able to breach the entrance to the main bunker house and we were in.

Once inside, we wound our way to the ballistae that were raining explosive bolts upon our comrades. Again Sox delivered a globe of darkness and he and I were able to take offensive positions within the pillbox. Enemy spell casters with wicked wands struck at us and reversed our globe of darkness. Dragon and Ick fought well, with Ick taking wounds that would have fell’d many of us. The enemy was pressed, and in an act of desperation detonated the brace of explosive arrows before us. We barely managed an escape and still bear the marks of those flames. But the tower was ours! And the Teeth, broken…”

Sgt. Shade stands down, having given his report.

Madness in the Black Pit

Sergeant Javon steps forward slowly toward the magical flames.

“Here one and all the glory of the Holy Boys!” he begins, smiling at the “hoo-ya” exclaimed by his team behind him.

“From the shores of Xen’Drik to these ‘human’ lands, the Holy Boys have gotten the job done. We were instrumental in preserving many of the Shadow Company who departed our homeland in the midst of an assault by giants, driving back a land assault in tandem with the Demon Masks. Swordsman Duavek (or would he name him by nickname, Cook?) slew two ogres with single blows of his mighty blade!” Again barks of rowdy respect come from the Holy Boys lounging nearby.

“From there we entered the war proper, doing our jobs until the Black Pit…” he lets that ominous and now infamous name sink in among all those nearby. “On the way to eliminate the Andarian threat, we destroyed a pit of madness and rescued Topper and Harbinger from captivity. Gasher showed great courage and skill, moving among the enemy like a ghost. In destroying the demonic catapult, the Holy Boys were nearly destroyed before I was able to summon the magical strength to slay its gigantic, minotaur guardian.”

“We entered the doomed village of Black Pit and found the Demon Masks, pushing forward together and penetrating the heart of the foul corruption of that place. We fought a horde of damned creatures led by a powerful mind flayer. Cook again brought fear and pain to the enemy, standing toe-to-toe with one of the great minotaurs. But only the song of the Chronicler held the minotaur’s hand and gave Cook the shot to split its head in half. Chill slew the mind flayer with all the pent-up vengeance of his people, erupting the creatures head in an explosion of gore and pinning its corpse to the far wall with an array of arrows. He also risked running back into the horde as we began our withdrawal to rescue Topper and Harbinger, bringing them back safe.”

Each member of the Holy Boys rises, walks to the flame and places their favored weapon’s blade into the roaring light.

“Many feats of bravery and skill were achieved by the Demon Masks, but that is their Sergeant’s tale to tell…” ends Smiley.

(Note: I think I got the details right, but I could be corrected if I mis-assigned an accomplishment or feat to the wrong character or wrong squad. This was how I think it went down, letting Mark fill in the details for the Demon Masks. Also, I think I got a heroic moment for everyone except Princess. Remind me of any I missed, especially moments with her.)


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