Blackguard Sgt. of the Demon Masks


One of the original members of the company, Morals considers himself a traditionalist. He prefers the old days, when the Company was exclusively drow. While he acknowledges that the Demon Masks are a stronger squad with Ash and Shade, he doesn’t always hide his feelings. In fact, sometimes he wonders if their assignment to the squad was the Captain’s way of punishing him. He always seen wearing a mempo mask, which some whisper he is physically unable to remove now. He has a reputation of being willing to do anything to get the job done.

Morals was an early recruit to the fledgling Company. The Captain personally recruited Morals and oversaw much of his training. As Morals showed a certain flair for getting the job done (ie, whatever means possible), the Captain came to him for a special version of the Xen-far. The ceremony was with the Patron of the Company, a “man” named Shadow. Morals to this day cannot describe what Shadow looks like—“he” was completely encased in an armor that was made of a hard, non-metallic material that was as hard as steel. He has never seen anything like it before or since.

The ritual was very involved, and bound him to a dark entity that seemed to flow through Shadow. This brought to additional powers that have evolved through occasional training with Shadow. These meetings are rare, but always provide a deeper understanding of Moral’s new found powers.

After the ritual, Morals adopted wearing a mask as a symbol to his new found binding. He got this idea from Shadow himself due to never having seen his face. Shadow always has a covered helm with a stylized faceplate.

Also, Morals received a powerful sword made of a material similar to Shadow’s armor. It is a near-obsidian in color. Its edge is naturally serrated, and results in more nasty wounds.


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