The Messenger, as she been know through the years, is still a topic of vast speculation, even within the Shadow Company. Only the Elite truly thin they know her and her purpose, and none can deny the benefit she brings to the company.

Messenger is a female drow, a survivor of Illithid experiments and an escapee from their vile pens. The illithids stole much of her life, her beauty, and ‘gifted’ her a bit of their knowledge . . . in psionics. Now late in her years, Messenger exists as an elite communication device and has rarely left Shadow Keep. Messenger has very dark skin, even for a drow, a hairless body, and an agelessness to her body that makes even the drow uncomfortable.

In the rite of Kal’ del’shuth, when a member of the Company has proven themselves sufficiently to be noticed by the Elite, Messenger is there at the rite, which is almost always held at Shadow Keep. During the rite Messenger observes from the darkness, hidden from all but the most powerful minds. It is them that she establishes a link to the person . . . to connect with them whenever needed . . . and with whomever needs to speak with him.

OOC: Reading through some of the psionics, with mindlink, senselink and some of the higher powers, Messenger can act as a remote television viewing events through the eyes and senses of anyone she links to, based on the directions given by the Elite, the leadership of the SC.


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