Company Healer


The main healer of the Company brews rather foul healing potions. He claims to give the potions an “extra kick” by including scorpion venom. Many claim that the potions smell (and likely taste) like the embalming fluid the Drow use in their mummification rites.

Undertaker is surgeon as well. He will not waste magic on the “greens”—favoring using traditional “slice and sizzle” methods (cut and cauterize). He is also reluctant to use magic on the non-drow without a few incentives.

Undertaker is very cynical and is always bemoaning how his work is never done. He makes sure everyone knows his thoughts, especially when he has a captive audience such as a patient or in a game of chance. He has a cruel streak for those he thinks are really not injured or sick. In those cases, the treatment is much worse than any work the soldier might be getting out of.

The Undertaker is also a confidant of the Captain. His blunt words and cynical perspective seems to give the Captain comfort when dealing with tough issues.


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