Buruuk Black Neck


Buruuk, or old Black Neck as he is known by the Shadow Company, is a troll of most foul temper and a powerful will to survive. By SC accounts, they have killed him at least twice and yet he still plagues the company.

In 986, a trio of hags know as the Daughters of Sora Kell arrived in Droaam with an army of trolls, ogres, and gnolls. Within a year, King Boranel of Breland pulls settlers back and seals off the land west of the Greywall Mnts and Droaam declares its independence.

This year of fighting was one of the bloodiest of the war. The monsterous army cleared the land of Droaam with a blood-lust and zeal not seen since early in the war. The SC was the line in the sand to prevent the collapse of Brelad from the west. The SC’s involvement in these battles became very personal. No quarter was offered nor granted by either side. It was one of these early clashes that led to the rise of Black Neck.

The town of Jugurt was laid waste by a pack of trolls led by Buruuk. Jugurt was within easy striking distance of Shadowlock Keep, so a counter-raid was ordered. The platoon, led by Midnight, caught the trolls enjoying the spoils of war a bit too much. They slaughtered every one of the trolls.

At first, Midnight was angry that there were no survivors, as he likes to leave one or two alive to tell the tale of his platoon. His platoon wizard mentioned their might be a way to rectify the situation. They chopped off several of the troll’s heads and burned the neck stump. They put the heads on spikes. There was still a bit of brain function (troll brains need very little to function on at the best of times) and they were able to train the heads to repeat some of the platoon’s exploits.

Buruuk’s stump was poorly cauterized. Over the course of a week, he was able to slowly regenerate into a full troll.* His neck never completely healed, leaving blackened skin around most of his neck. Since that time, he has led countless raids and missions against the SC. Although he is not the brightest commander in the world, his vast experience against the SC does make him one of the leading experts on the group.

After Brelend basically declared victory and went home in 987, Black Neck continued to plot against the SC. When the company would move out to engage in other battles in the war, he would offer his services to the opposing army (about 1/3rd of the time, they would take him up on it).

Black Neck now lives only to destroy the SC. He is nearly insane and is consumed by these thoughts.

*By the rules, this cannot happen. However, that adds a bit of mystic to the troll—he is clearly favored by some dark power.

Buruuk Black Neck

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