• Abilities:Agility d4; Smarts d12; Spirit d8; Strength d4; Vigor d8
  • Derived Abilities: Pace 4+d4; Parry 4+spells; Toughness 6 + spells; Charisma -2
  • Skills : Fighting d4; Gambiling d6; Guts d6; Initim d6; Knowledge (Arcane) d12; Notice d6 -2; Streetwise d6; Spellcast d12
  • Hindrances: Ugly (minor); Hard Hearing (minor); Lame (major)
  • Edges: Arcane Background; Wizard Background: Power x7; Power Point X3; Hard to Kill
  • Powers: PPts 25
    • Armor
    • Barrier
    • Blast
    • Bolt
    • Dect/Conceal Arcane
    • Dispel
    • Entangle
    • Invisibility
    • Puppet
    • Teleport

Before you is a scruffy looking Duergar Dwarf. He is missing his left eye, his right leg and three fingers on his right hand. His name is Lucky.

Lucky spent his formative years in Stormreach. After a few painful years as a cutpurse, Lucky saved the life of a local wizard in the wrong part of town. The wizard agreed to take Lucky on as an apprentice.

After a few years out on his own, he got caught up in a gang war and lost his leg to gangrene. He tinkered with making a Flying Carpet, but just was not good enough at the time to make the item. He did, however, manage to make a lesser carpet based on the Tenser’s Floating Disk spell. It allows him to move about at a speed of 20’ without too much difficultly.

Lucky was recruited out of Stormreach by the Captain six months before the Shadow Company’s departure to Sharn. Since then, he has continued to focus on conjuration and transmutation magic.

Overall, Lucky is a gregarious personality considering what he has gone through. However, he is prone to fits of depression and is a hard dwarf to get out of his cups. He is a very mean drunk and most steer very clear of him during these bouts of depression.


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